Baltirmore Farmers Market CASE STUDY


The first reaction I received when I told people I was moving to Baltimore was concern.
Baltimore is often known as a city with a high crime rate. However, after I started living in the city,
I realized that the city is often misinterpreted. The Baltimore Farmers Market is a place that in my opinion truly represents
Baltimore and I wanted to create a website that people outside the city can view.
The website features the community, events, and produce available at the market.


The first thing I did when I started the project was visual research.
I gathered pictures that people took at the Baltimore Farmers Market
and I developed the icon sketches based on the visual research.  


icon sketch

To reflect the warmth and handcrafted feeling of the Baltimore Farmers Market,
I referenced historical Baltimore album quilts as inspiration of the icons.
I also thought these specific quilts represented Baltimore well, because it portrayed
motifs like Baltimore’s state flower and tree. As a result, these icons have
Blackeyed Susan's or Oak tree leaves as part of the icon.  



While sketching the website, I struggled with where to place the community feature.
In the beginning stages, I built the window on the right side to emphasize the map,
but realized the community should be the main focus of the website. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.07.05 PM.png


After receiving feedback that the pastel tone colors were reminiscent of a bakery rather than a market, I revised the color choices.
Since the buttons near the window were covering the street names, they were once again moved to the top right.