Sparkle case study


How can children have fun when they are brushing their teeth?
This interactive game app helps children to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day with songs they like.
The child creates a fairy that acts as their guide. After brushing their teeth
with their personalized fairy, they get a reward sticker to stay motivated. 


Visual research


I searched for what teeth brushing videos tried to convey most, and what issues they were trying to get across to children. 




Based on my research, the rough thumbnail sketches and information architecture werecreated.



Information architecture

I wanted kids to get a sense of toothbrushing as something enjoyable and not a chore. 
I created the information architecture with words that they are most familiar with.




Revisiting my experiences when working with children as a volunteer in NYC,
I created personas for children who would be four to six years of age and the personas of the parents raising those children. 


I believe putting yourself in the perspective of the user is key when creating an app.  
I created personas and empathy maps of users to make the interface efficient and easy to empathize with.
The empathy map helped me to add features like the reward systems and map
where children can compete with their friends for the reward stickers.



The selfie feature was added during the wire frame sketch phase,
based on research that I found that recording selfies while brushing can improve oral health.


Baltirmore Farmers Market CASE STUDY


The first reaction I received when I told people I was moving to Baltimore was concern.
Baltimore is often known as a city with a high crime rate. However, after I started living in the city,
I realized that the city is often misinterpreted. The Baltimore Farmers Market is a place that in my opinion truly represents
Baltimore and I wanted to create a website that people outside the city can view.
The website features the community, events, and produce available at the market.


The first thing I did when I started the project was visual research.
I gathered pictures that people took at the Baltimore Farmers Market
and I developed the icon sketches based on the visual research.  


icon sketch

To reflect the warmth and handcrafted feeling of the Baltimore Farmers Market,
I referenced historical Baltimore album quilts as inspiration of the icons.
I also thought these specific quilts represented Baltimore well, because it portrayed
motifs like Baltimore’s state flower and tree. As a result, these icons have
Blackeyed Susan's or Oak tree leaves as part of the icon.  



While sketching the website, I struggled with where to place the community feature.
In the beginning stages, I built the window on the right side to emphasize the map,
but realized the community should be the main focus of the website. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.07.05 PM.png


After receiving feedback that the pastel tone colors were reminiscent of a bakery rather than a market, I revised the color choices.
Since the buttons near the window were covering the street names, they were once again moved to the top right.